Student Work

Woodland Park Zoo – They See You Too – Outdoor

Designed to drive interest and new customers, this outdoor campaign looks at the zoo-going experience from the perspective of the animals. They look at your fashion choices, comment about your lunch and overhear your conversations. These funny and surprising ads play on everyone’s natural instinct to create voices for the animals they see.


Dick’s Drive In – Fresh Since the 50’s – Print

This campaign highlights the relationship between Dick’s Drive In and young Seattleites. It features a series of print/outdoor ads that celebrate the special connection Dick’s has with kids driving around with their friends on Friday nights.


Papo – Toys for Your World – Print

Focusing on the special way a child’s imagination works when they have a toy in their hand, this print campaign presents animated stories in vibrant style. Working with graphic designer Corey Smith, we created advertisements that captures a child’s inner imagination when they play with toy dinosaurs.


Honest Kitchen – Canine Astronauts – Print/Radio

This print and radio campaign touches on the charm of cosmic canines, to generate awareness about Honest Kitchen dehydrated dog food. Utilizing humor and dynamic imagery, these ads spark interest and curiosity, allowing customers to learn more about the unique products on their own. The radio script provides a fun translation of the idea for the airwaves.

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