AT&T work

Since joining HackerAgency in 2015, I’ve been a dedicated copywriter on the AT&T Acquisition creative team.

For Direct Mail projects, I work with Art Directors to develop concepts and effective creative. Fostering a collaborative relationship has helped me develop a creative shorthand, strong presenting skills and a dynamic workplace.

I also develop landing page concepts to demonstrate a recommended offline-to-online link for our customers.

For Email work, I work with our DEV team. They design and code at the same time, improving turn times for our clients, a process that usually involves an initial brainstorm before reviews and presentations.

I also enjoy writing for the CLM, Regional and Cricket pieces of business at Hacker. Work ranges from monthly eNewsletters and digital banners to service emails and landing pages.

Additionally, Hacker occasionally asks me to step outside AT&T to write for Amazon, Hearst Publications, Bing, eHealth and a variety of internal projects. Each time, it’s a refreshing opportunity to flex different writing muscles and try out a new lexicon.

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