– Out of Home



Developing work for out-of-home placements offers unique opportunities to confront a viewer when they’re not expecting it. Whether its a billboard along the road, a bus-board moving down the street, or an interactive set of floor tiles in a public space, the innovative ways a concept can be executed are practically endless.

CHALLENGE: End Bullying is dedicated to ending child bullying. However, unless someone has had a personal experience with bullying, it’s very difficult to make an anti-bullying message resonate with potential advocates.

SOLUTION: Fight Fire with Fire

I developed this intentionally-shocking campaign to highlight what’s wrong with bullying by portraying it as right. Whether a viewer is apathetic and unconcerned or ready to act, but directionless, this satire strongly provokes viewers who are desensitized to the real-life horrors of bullying by confronting them head-on.

When writing these ads, my rule-of-thumb was “if I’m not sick to my stomach, I’m not going far enough.” I think that approach paid off, but it wasn’t fun to complete.

As part of the presentation, I suggested that the website and call center be fully prepared for the strong reactions this campaign would generate. Knowing people would be coming to the website with upset feelings, I encouraged they catch and pivot them with a “we know you’re upset, we are too” message.

RESULTS: Thanks, But…

While it never ran, the clients loved this concept. They applauded us for not shying away from the brutal, even fatal reality of bullying, and agreed that this approach would generate immediate interest in the cause.

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