Sno-Isle Library – Levy Video

BRAND: Sno-Isle Libraries

PROJECT: Lifting the Lid

My background is in video production, so creating a video is always an enjoyable experience. From writing the script to producing (and occasionally shooting), collaborating on a video project is a dynamic way to construct a complex message in a digestible format.

CHALLENGE: Educate and Motivate Voters

In an effort to pass a county levy, Sno-Isle Libraries needed an informative social video that would explain to voters how the levy works and why it’s critical for the library system to see it pass.

SOLUTION: Meet the Andersons

After extensive research (overnight subject matter expert!), I developed a concept around a fictional family named “The Andersons” who all love and use their local library for different reasons. This approach allowed each family member to showcase a unique reason the library needed to be open and fully funded, which tied directly to the levy needing to be passed by voters.

RESULTS: The Levy Passed

Thankfully, the levy was narrowly passed by voters, and its reasonable to think that the video assisted that slim margin of success.


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