AAA Washington – Help is Here Campaign

BRAND: AAA Washington

PROJECT: Help is Here Campaign

After months of market research, AAA Washington was ready to roll-out a new branding campaign called “Help is Here”.

CHALLENGE: Reintroduce an Established Brand

After years of running the very successful “Heroes of the Highway” campaign, AAA Washington wanted to launch a new branding campaign that reintroduced the long-standing brand in a new way. The goal of the new campaign was to pivot our positioning from ‘What AAA Can Do For You’ to ‘How Does AAA Make Members Feel’, bringing their positive experiences with AAA to life.

SOLUTION: Help is Here

I’ve spent the past six months bringing the Help is Here campaign to life. I first wrote, directed, and produced a series of radio spots at Bad Animal studios. It was a great challenge and provided an opportunity to explore new creative territory, which is always a good thing.

Then, I followed those with a set of social video ads intended for YouTube. My idea was to produce a series of selfie-style influencer ads where the member are having such a positive experience with AAA that they just have to vlog about it. To help sell the concept, I also starred in one of the ads, which helped the rest of the team understand what I envisioned.

Next up, the team and I developed a series of outdoor bus-boards and billboards that captured the same creative spirit of the campaign. By combining short, playful headlines with bright, engaging photography, the Help is Here campaign took on a whole new life in these environments. This was my first experience with outdoor creative on this scale and I found the process absolutely amazing.

RESULTS: Too Early to Tell

As this campaign has only been in market for six months, there’s still a long way to go, and it’s far too early to know what impact it will ultimately have. As an anecdote however, when attending a recent Seattle Mariners game, I was delighted to spot one of my bus-boards out in the wild, which was a fantastic first of my career. Also, the M’s won!

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