AT&T – Game of Thrones Email Test


PROJECT: Game of Thrones Email Test

I’ve been able to create, optimize, and deploy several tests in the AT&T email space. In all cases, email testing provided an opportunity for me to utilize strategic thinking and creativity to directly challenge assumptions and learn new insights about the audience.

CHALLENGE: Hit the Target

Coinciding with a Game of Thrones season premiere on HBO, I developed an email test tailored to determine if an email containing more targeted Game of Thrones content would increase overall email engagement and responses.

SOLUTION: Behold the Fanged Beasts

Two emails were created to test head-to-head against each other. Our control email had all the standard messaging, design, and imagery a typical AT&T email would include. The content-heavy email retained all the key elements from the control email, but supplemented them with additional Game of Thrones messaging, imagery, and character information.


RESULTS: Mixed Bag

Unfortunately, our test revealed that the control email had higher overall engagement, but to our client’s great delight, we saw a decrease in unsubscriptions by 7% (approx. 250K people) in the content-heavy version. It appears that in the AT&T email space, less may in fact be more.

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