The Stoked Few – Brand Manifesto

BRAND: The Stoked Few

PROJECT: Brand Manifesto

Sometimes a client has a clear idea about what they want, but sometimes it’s less defined. In those instances, my assignment becomes helping them find what they’re looking for, usually by showing them ideas that are wrong, before I can pin down what’s right.

CHALLENGE: Define a New Clothing Brand’s Identity

To help launch a surf, skate, and snowboard clothing brand called The Stoked Few, I worked with the brand’s founder, Dwayne Mansfield, to “capture the inherent spirit of those who seek adventure” into a cohesive manifesto. He requested that the copy evoke the sense of wonder and awe that he felt when he thought about his personal passion: surfing.

SOLUTION: Know Your Audience

Assuming that my audience would be young surfers, skaters, and snowboarders, I focused on the language of those subcultures. However, those communities often have a unique and ever-changing slang vocabulary that would be impossible to capture with authenticity. Therefore, I used timeless phrases with unexpected twists and deliberate sentence structure to distill the spirit of rebellious exploration this brand asked for.


RESULTS: Duuude!

The copy I wrote was so well received, that it was later utilized as the basis for a voiceover script for a Stoked Few video promotion, and that’s the definition of a happy client.

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