SAP Concur – B2B Dimensional Mailer


PROJECT: Stay Alert

SAP Concur provides travel and expense management services to businesses. To connect a key benefit Concur offers – fraud prevention – I developed a dimensional self mailer concept that would attract attention on the desk of the recipient and inspire calls to a waiting sales representative.

CHALLENGE: Generate New Customer Leads

Developing B2B printed DM work requires a different kind of thinking, because the recipient is going to be in their workplace. Among the ringing phones, inbox alerts, and coworker chatter, the mailer needs to grab attention quickly and encourage engagement.

Additionally, it needs to generate a personal reason for a business decision, which requires a balancing act of connecting business benefits to easily accessible emotional drivers.

SOLUTION: When in Doubt, Coffee!

To increase engagement and responses, I developed this package to include a small gift from Concur. The concept successfully paired the fraud prevention benefits Concur offers with a Starbucks giftcard. This solution provided a clear connection from the perk of free coffee with how Concur helps you “Stay Alert” to new threats.

SAP Concur _ Stay Alert

RESULTS: Ring Ring

We received several compliments from the Concur team about this project and continued to work on dimensional mailer projects afterwards.

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