Seabourn – B2C Direct Mailer

BRAND: Seabourn Cruise Line

PROJECT: Antarctica & South America Large Gatefold

Creating B2C printed DM work brings special parameters, like limited space, that are essential to keep in mind. Fortunately, it also has several distinct advantages that can be utilized to great effect. Primarily, engaging with someone at their residence and knowing that they’ll be holding the work in their hands — both of which imbue a personal relationship to the material.

CHALLENGE: Increase Bookings

Seabourn is an ultra-luxury cruising client who wanted to add bookings for an exotic set of sailings to Antarctica. Each one of these voyages is expensive, so compelling a customer to reserve their spot required highlighting the unique destination while showcasing the five-star accommodations.

SOLUTION: Among the Frozen Giants

Knowing that the imagery of Antarctica is unique and the viewer likely didn’t need the destination stated in the headline, I pushed for a more conceptual approach. I felt that “Among the Frozen Giants” accurately evoked the spirit of Antarctic adventure that would inspire travelers going through their mail at home to imagine themselves somewhere entirely different.

Additionally, I developed two Day-By-Day voyage breakdowns for the interior of the piece that picked up on the conceptual headline from the cover and carried them into a more immediate product placement that captured the essence of an Antarctic experience.


RESULTS: The Cold Truth

As it turned out, Seabourn made some internal branding changes shortly after I worked on this and they changed the headline to “Antarctica and South America” before it mailed. However, my conceptual Day-By-Day headlines remained in place through printing, so that’s a win in my book.

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