eHealth – Alexa Video

BRAND: eHealth

PROJECT: Alexa, ask eHealth

To open a high-profile healthcare conference presentation, eHealth needed a video to clearly and succinctly highlight a common healthcare problem that only eHealth could solve. At the beginning on the conference, the video played and harnessed everyone’s attention. Then, as the video ends without a clear resolution, the first speaker entered the stage to provide the follow-up solution.

CHALLENGE: eHealth is Your Healthcare Solution

We kicked off this project with a quick turnaround and limited resources, but I collaborated extensively with a post-production team and creative director to craft a script that utilized and many in-house assets as possible. The location, key actor, and even the dog were all sourced internally. Then, I served as the head producer and director of the two-afternoon shoot.


For most seniors, heathcare is overly complicated. Fortunately, eHealth developed a voice-activated system for customers to navigate and get answers via their Amazon Alexa devices. We used that innovation as the core of a video concept that showed how easy understanding healthcare could be with the assistance of eHealth.

BONUS: Director’s Cut

In addition to the short version of the video that established the problem, but left the solution to the speaker at the presentation, we also created a long version for social media distribution that added the solution portion for online viewing audiences.

RESULTS: Take a Bow

I didn’t attend the conference, but we heard reports from our clients that the video was met with a warm response from the audience and really helped kickoff the presentation on the right note.

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