OSN – Sports Writer

BRAND: OregonSportsNews.com

PROJECT: Weekly Column

For approximately two years, I wrote a weekly article for OregonSportsNews.com, a PNW sports-focused website. The content of my articles was entirely up to me (for the most part), as long as it included a connection to sports in the Pacific Northwest region.

I usually chose to write about current matters relating to the Seattle Seahawks or Mariners, but also occasionally diverted my attention to cover famous sports moments, the Tacoma Rainiers, and my own personal experiences as an avid runner.

I’ve since retired from writing my weekly sports articles, but writing for OSN sharpened my skills in a number of ways–from conceiving viable topics and developing support points to editing and shaping drafts into strong, published pieces.

Now, in my everyday work as a marketing writer, I use those skills to effectively review my own work (or the work of others), with a critical eye toward what’s working and what’s not.

This article from the Spring of 2020 is about how being quarantined at home during the Covid pandemic granted me an abundance of time to reengage in a daily running practice. Re-reading this article in 2022 shines a spotlight on how much of the pandemic we had yet to learn about.

Running Everyday

To read the rest of my articles, dating back over a year, please visit my author page on the OregonSportsNews.com website by CLICKING HERE.

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