Sno-Isle Library – Levy Video

BRAND: Sno-Isle Libraries

PROJECT: Lifting the Lid

In an effort to pass a county levy, Sno-Isle Libraries needed an informative social video that would explain to voters how the levy works and why it’s critical for the library system to see it pass.

CHALLENGE: Educate and Motivate Voters

During election season voters receive an abundance of printed materials all vying for their attention. With that knowledge in mind, it was wisely decided to develop a consumable and entertaining animated video packed with information to help voters understand the issue and the role their potential vote would play in the outcome.

SOLUTION: Meet the Andersons

After extensive research of the levy issue details, I developed a concept around a fictional family named “the Andersons”  who could serve as an audience surrogate. Like the diverse audience we hoped to reach, the Andersons all appreciated their local library, but used its services for a variety of different reasons.

Here’s the script I wrote for the video: Lifting the Levy – Script

This approach allowed each family member to represent a different and relatable reason the library needed to be open and fully funded. And by extension, it allowed the largest possible number of viewers to ‘see themselves’ in the Andersons and foster an emotional connection about why they needed to vote and pass the levy.

RESULTS: The Levy Passed

To the Sno-Isle Library System’s great delight, the levy was narrowly passed by voters! And in my humble option, it’s reasonable to conclude that the video assisted that slim margin of success.

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