Dinosaur Photography

I take photographs of toy dinosaurs. My main goal is to capture a high level of realism. I post all my photos on Instagram (@dinoczars), but these are a few of my all-time favorites. I blame seeing Jurassic Park as an impressionable 10-year old for all of this.


I’m working on a book project too. It’s a compilation of my photos partnered with fictional narratives about prehistoric life.

Safari Stegosaurus2Walking for endless days across the rocky plateau, the young Stegosaurus begins to succumb to exhaustion. Without water, he won’t last through another freezing night. Approaching the bluff and looking down to the prairie below, he sees a small lake surrounded by lush, untouched greens. There would certainly be predators lurking near the sustenance. Die up here or fight down there. With a deep snort and a shudder of his huge plates he announces his intentions to no one. He was an outcast from his herd, but will start a new life with this step.
Safari Gryposaurus1
Pebbled patches of blue skin move through a quiet, green world. From a rare opening in the forest, the female Gryposaurus takes in the warmth of the sun and smells the air. Something is wrong. A faint rotting scent drifts through the glade. The panic hits her, but too late. From behind and to her left they rush in; brown blurs stepping overs ferns and jumping over fallen trees. She can’t outrun them. She turns to fight, but all is lost. Raptors, too many to count, are closing in for the kill.

IMG_2731Craning up from the pool, the top of his head breaks the surface into the morning air. The Gigantosaurus was tracking a small herd of Protoceratops through the night, but lost them during a brief thunder storm. A flash of movement catches the carnivore’s eye. His prey are drinking downstream, but haven’t seen or smelled him yet. He moves closer, step by step. Then, in a rush he plants his three-toes in the muddy silt, bears his teeth and lets out a roar before quickly lunging at his doomed meal.

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