About Jon

Hey, howdy, hello,

I’m Jon — a driven copywriter, creative leader, video producer, poster designer, toy photographer, husband, father, comic book fanboy and master of goofy voices.

I’ve been an advertising copywriter since 2014, harnessing my storytelling nature to write in a variety of digital, print, TV, radio, and outdoor formats for dozens of brands like AT&T, AAA, Holland America Line, Concur, Amazon, and many others.

I’ve worked throughout the Seattle marketing industry. From copywriter roles at traditional agencies to in-house creative teams, I’ve been fortunate to test my creative talents in several environments to positive effect.

Along the way, I’ve been recognized for my tenacious work ethic, easy-going leadership style, endless adaptability and sense of humor. I’ve also learned that above all else, I thrive in and foster positive team culture environments. It’s a legit deal breaker for me.

I’m ready to fully harness both my leadership background and creative team experiences into a new role. I’m confident that the professional road I’ve travelled will allow me to excel and quickly elevate any creative team and the work we produce.

I’ve got my eyes set on being an Associate Creative Director.
Let’s chat about working together.

Phone: 425-770-5040
Email: jonathanaiken13@gmail.com

This is me in my natural habitat. Adios!

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